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  • Update September 2022

    As we progress toward the release of the draft Australian Cancer Plan for public consultation later this year, we have undertaken a number of activities over this past month, including:

    • Consulting with key organisations representing populations who experience poorer cancer outcomes, to support improvements in cancer outcomes and experiences.
    • Preparing for Strategic Objective Workshop Series 2 with key cancer control stakeholders and consumer representatives, which is being held between 29 August and 13 September, to test and agree priority actions to achieve the 2- and 5- year goals and 10-year ambitions.
    • Developing the ACP Digital.

    Strategic Objectives to achieve the Vision of the Australian Cancer Plan

    To achieve the Australian Cancer Plan vision for world class outcomes and experience for all Australians, 6 strategic objectives have been identified where national focus and effort are required to deliver better outcomes for the next decade and beyond. These are:

    • Maximising cancer prevention
    • Enhanced consumer experience
    • World class health systems for optimal care
    • Strong and dynamic foundations
    • Workforce to transform the delivery of cancer care
    • Achieving equity in cancer outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

    For each of these objectives there is a 10-year ambition, and 2- and 5-year goals to achieve the ambitions. The goals and ambitions were developed and refined in consultation with stakeholders, primarily through Strategic Objective Workshop Series 1.

    Australian Cancer Plan goals and ambitions

    We are pleased to share the draft goals and ambitions for the Australian Cancer Plan over the next 2, 5, and 10 years:

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