Australian Cancer Plan

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The Australian Cancer Plan is a historical step forward in cancer control. This 10-year plan for national action, with 2- and 5- year goals and visionary 10-year ambitions, will set a transformative agenda to accelerate world-class cancer outcomes and improve the lives of all Australians affected by cancer.

The Australian Cancer Plan sets priorities for reform for the next decade and beyond, with strategic objectives, ambitions, goals, and priority actions for cancer control.

There are significant disparities in cancer outcomes among specific groups in our society. The cornerstone of the Australian Cancer Plan is eliminating these inequities, particularly for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


How was the Australian Cancer Plan developed?

The draft ACP has been developed through extensive and rigorous stakeholder engagement and consultation. It reflects submissions, advice and feedback from organisations and individuals across Australia throughout the cancer control sector.

Our aim is that every person affected by cancer and every stakeholder group will see themselves and hear their voice in the Australian Cancer Plan.


What’s next?

The draft Australian Cancer Plan public consultation has now closed. Thank you for your contribution.

Following the closure of the public consultation, the Australian Cancer Plan will be revised and delivered to the Minister for Health and Aged Care in April 2023.


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Download the draft Australian Cancer Plan

ACP Public Consultation - Draft ACP Long form [4.9MB]

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